The Georgetown Security Studies Review (GSSR) Editorial Board continuously seeks submissions for its peer-reviewed academic journal (The Review) and online forum (The Forum). All Georgetown students, alumni, and faculty are invited to submit pieces for publication consideration. However, we seek pieces from a wide range of students and young professionals irrespective of their affiliation with Georgetown, and all manuscripts are evaluated equally. While opportunities to publish on The Forum are limited, we actively encourage submissions to The Review.

Submissions may address any issue relevant to US foreign policy, national security, or international security, and should feature insightful and original analysis that appeals to both specialists and general-interest readers alike.

All submissions should be sent in Microsoft Word format to With exception for quantitative analysis, submissions should not contain graphics or non-standard formatting. Writers should include with their submissions their full name, email address, phone number, a brief biographical note, and, for journal submissions, an abstract (less than 500 words). Please direct all inquiries regarding submission guidelines or publication schedules for any GSSR publication to the Editor-in-Chief at

The Review

The Georgetown Security Studies Review, or simply “the Review”, is a bi-annual publication of formal papers edited by an academic peer-review process. The mission of the Review is to contribute to foreign policy debate by exposing readers to a wide array of perspectives on both current and historical international affairs issues. All articles in the Review are peer-reviewed and edited by members of the GSSR Editorial Board and staff. In additional to full-length peer-reviewed articles, each issue of the Review can include literature reviews, letters to and from the editors, and op-ed pieces.

Article submissions to the Review should be between 3,000 and 10,000 words and must use Chicago Style endnotes. Book and article reviews should range from 1,000 to 2,000 words and contain a concise summary of the book or article examined and analysis of the work’s strengths and/or weaknesses.

All submissions selected for publication will be edited, peer-reviewed, and subsequently approved by author(s). The GSSR uses an anonymous editing and peer-review process in which only the Editor-in-Chief will know the author’s name until publication.

Publication Schedule

The GSSR accepts submissions to the Review on a rolling basis, however all submissions must be received by the deadline to be considered for the next volume; the Editor-in-Chief announces the deadlines for Review submissions each semester via email to SSP students and publicly on the GSSR website and associated social media. The submission deadline for the GSSR Vol. 8, Iss. 1 is November 1, 2019.

Authors should expect to receive notification about whether their submission has been accepted within 14 days of the final submission date. The editing process may take several weeks, with various drafts sent back-and-forth between the author and the editor. The author must provide final permissions before a piece will be published.

The Forum

The GSSR Forum is the online-only component of the GSSR. The mission of The Forum is to contribute timely dialogue and discourse concerning ongoing debates in US foreign policy, national security, and international security. The Forum also publishes shorter analyses and opinion pieces that may not be suitable for The Review. In addition, The Forum also publishes news pieces that cover guest speakers, book releases, and other events of an academic nature.

Column submissions to the Forum should not exceed 2,000 words and must use Chicago style endnotes.

Prospective Contributors

GSSR columnists contribute to the Forum on a regular basis; submissions from other SSP students are welcomed and encouraged. Submissions from interested students at other graduate-level programs in security studies, foreign affairs, or other related fields are also considered for publication. As the GSSR Forum is a student-run publication, non-student submissions are only considered for review and publication at the sole discretion of the Editor-in-Chief.

Publication Schedule

The GSSR accepts submissions to the Forum on a rolling basis year-round. Authors should expect to receive initial receipt of their contribution with 48 hours of submission. Once a submission has been received, the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) will assign the submission to the relevant Associate Editor who will then edit the piece for content, style, grammar, syntax, and spelling. The editing process may take several days, with various drafts sent back-and-forth between the author and the editor. The author must provide final permissions before a piece will be published.

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