NSCITF Report on Millennial Considerations on Insider Threat

The 2019 edition of the National Security Critical Issues Task Force (NSCITF) Report is now available for download here.

The 2019 NSCITF Report on Millennial Considerations on Insider Threat: Are We A Threat Or An Opportunity?

As insider threat prevention receives increasing attention, the National Security Critical Issues Task Force examined if Millennials–now the largest segment of the workforce–represent a threat or an opportunity to employers. Through this research the authors found that Millennials have the same triggers to become insider threats as previous generations, but have so far engaged in insider threat at much lower rates. Millennials may be susceptible to insider threat in new ways, however, such as unprecedented levels of debt earlier in life, targeting opportunities from social media, and technology vulnerabilities due to mobile device usage. To address these challenges, the authors examined how various large private sector organizations have adapted their corporate culture to better engage their Millennial workforce. Based on their research and findings, the authors recommend that employers take a two-pronged approach. First, organizations should make adjustments to the corporate culture to reflect Millennial preferences; examples include flattening the management structure, providing clear pathways to professional development, and prioritizing community engagement. Second, employers should develop a comprehensive insider threat program which educates employees on appropriate social media and mobile device usage, while also monitoring employee behavior and technology advancements that could create new vulnerabilities. Implementing the aforementioned recommendations will not eliminate insider threat completely, but could help reduce it through increased job satisfaction, education, and vigilance.

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