Reclaiming Agency: The Problem with Prescriptive Realism

Photo Credit: CSIS Despite being one of the most influential scholars of international relations theory, John Mearsheimer took considerable flak for his comments on the war in Ukraine.  Mearsheimer’s interview with the New Yorker last month resulted in an upswell of opposition, moral outrage, and debate for blaming the conflict on the U.S. and NATO.  … Continue reading Reclaiming Agency: The Problem with Prescriptive Realism

Incongruence and Strategic Adaptation

Image from Twitter Military means must not be considered separately from the political ends they serve.  This political-military maxim is both elementary and often ignored.  In an effective system, civilian and military leaders collaborate to craft strategies that establish realistic political ends and military means capable of accomplishing them at an acceptable cost.  More often … Continue reading Incongruence and Strategic Adaptation